Gummy bear


I’m a gummi gummi gummi gummi gummi bear


Today toady torah


Death seems to be the problem

I want more out of life you fucker

Well we’ve programmes for work

Payments for out of work

Rent free hovels wall to wall damp


Is there really anything important you

Actually need. Oh longevity quality of life


Meaningful and purposeful activity

Not just mundane mediocre labour for others

With little or no reward and second class status

Or overlooked perpetually

Like you weren’t there!

Ahh the facts of life!

you were made as best they could make you

We gave you everything

the star that shines twice as bright

Lasts half as long

only revel now in your deeds

You were a prize..

Not an easy thing to meet your advisor

Can the boss of biomechanics perfect droid claimant

the epitome of…

jsa heaven

remake me or put me back together

No!! I don’t think so

Die you fuckface your justlike the rest father!

Luke come with me to the tribunal

You’re not my f…ecchhhhchh!